$14 refund for repeal of carbon tax fails to impress readers

THE promise of an early Christmas present in the form of a rates refund from the axing of the carbon tax got mixed reviews from our Facebook readers.


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johnx74 - Taigum

< Did everyone on the Sunny Coast get their letter from AGL ? AGL has 3.8 million customers so they are sure to have some on the Sunny Coast. 70 cents for a stamp .... lets round it out and say 30 cents for the paper, printing costs etc...

EXCITED: Allan Murnane is one the driving forces behind quarter horse racing at Bollier Park, near Imbil.

No lease yet for Mary Valley quarter horse park

THE Mary Valley’s $50 million quarter horse project edged closer to fruition this week, though no lease on Bollier Park has been signed.


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FifthGenLocal - The Palms

Yes, I am sure everyone from the Noosa/Sunshine Coast business community wants this to happen. However, as a local paying exorbitant rates for a third rate road and a garbage service, forgive me if I don't get too excited. I find it hard to believe the...

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