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"That's right. Politicians get away with far too much. They can run up debts into the billions of..."

Commented on a story 9:53am Sep 17th

"Oh dear! The crushing stupidity, dressed in mediocrity, paraded as the pinnacle of human achievement!"

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"Politician makes speech.....world continues to orbit the sun. "

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"Is someone preventing you from going about your daily business? Are you being told how to dress, what..."

Commented on a story 7:40am Sep 17th

""MY GOD IS BIGGER AND BETTER THAN YOUR GOD!!!" That's all I see when people compare religions."

Commented on a story 7:25am Sep 17th

"That's exactly the kind of thinking (or lack thereof) that leads to coward punching. "

Commented on a story 7:10am Sep 17th

"All the LNP trumpeting about alleged reduced wait times for surgery is just so much pointless..."

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"I can appreciate your hope in saying that the next batch might learn. History, however shows that this..."

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"They tried to tell us that the "magickal market" will save us all from great (non existent) fiscal..."

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"Self centred, talentless idiots! Go back to America. Nobody except stupid teenagers wants you here!"

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