October 2015

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AFTER a brief stint in October, Labour Day has been shuffled back to the first Monday in May for next year.

WATERCOOLER: Should Labour Day be in October or May?

"Most people don't have "tea" after work either. This is 2015 not 1950. "

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Walking the labyrinth is a spiritual journey with the simple act of walking helping to still the mind and focus on God.

EDITORIAL: Worthy use for Toowoomba labyrinth

"People walking in circles, following lines on the ground to talk to their immaginary..."

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RISING power prices isn’t a new issue, either for farmers or householders.

COMMENT: Farmers crippled by rising power prices

"Well that's all fine. They hocked off the rights to sell power to the end user saying that the "magic..."

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HE calls himself the human headline, now Derryn Hinch wants his name on the electoral roll.

Derryn Hinch forms party, calls for sex offender register

"Yet another pointless single issue, pressure group party by a wannabe, loudmouth. Australia is truly in..."

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IT IS AN insult to the traditional owners of the land as well as to the early European settlers and to the Australia South Sea Islanders who were used labour.

YOUR SAY: New city’s name is an insult

"Just keep stuffing the people in wherever they can fit. In the future we will have something akin to..."

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THIS week will go down in the annals of publishing history as the week Campbell Newman's approved biography was released...................Well, perhaps not.

OPINION: Newman’s autobiography straight to the bargain bin

"Campbell Newman's book would have to rate as the biggest joke ever! "

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THE new Aura development will remain high and dry, even during a one-in-100 year storm event, despite the new city being neighboured by flood-prone land.

Stockland says Aura safe from one-in-100 year floods

"100 years spunds like a very long time until a once in 200 year flood event happens!"

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A PAIR of C-17A Globemasters conducted a tactical formation flight at low level along the Sunshine Coast yesterday.

WATCH: RAAF's massive Globemasters fly low over the Coast

"This is not "showing off". Every single flying minute of every RAAF aircraft is planned, meticulously."

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