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"Here is an example of the justice system failing in it's duty to the population. This is nothing more..."

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"I have very fond memories of Mr and Mrs Geritz when I was a student at HBSHS. I left in 1986. Mr Geritz..."

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"First you make sweeping assumptions about Mark Stiles' personality traits while at the same time..."

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"More likely both are lying. "

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"I knew of such a man when I lived in Toowoomba. The suggestion that a beating is to be delivered by..."

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"I think most of the problem is that Mr Muckenberger has recently associated himself with swinger..."

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"I was referring to all gods or deities, whatever names people give them. Don't bother quoting your..."

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"I have to agree here. There should be as many marked as unmarked police vehicles on highway patrol. "

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"That would be something like electronic counter measures or ECM. The only place in Australia you can..."

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""God" is a mythical concept."

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