21 March - 20 April

Improved relationships are assured right now. Conventional circumstances and people who seem out of step with your ideas may have something valuable to offer you. You�ll be curious about someone�s personal affairs, but might be treading on their toes by being just a little too curious. Know where to draw the line and respect their privacy. Your emotional energy and enthusiasm may be slightly lacking, but on the flip side, your intellect is coming into sharper focus, and you will be able to use reason and creative ideas to move forward and renew your energy. You must focus on the potential of your life today, as this will lead to increased business and social opportunities.


21 April - 21 May

Here's your opportunity to take love to the next level. You may have to re-arrange your plan and postpone an outing or trip. Don't be shocked by the contents of a film or song you may hear now. Go with the flow and look for the deeper implications of what you're hearing or seeing. Retail therapy will get the better of you now. Apart from the expenses, you will feel good about putting yourself in different environments with lots of people. You need to boil things down to the lowest common denominator today. There may be trouble in your peer group, but by keeping things simple, you�ll understand the truth of the matter.


22 May - 21 June

To talk too much will defeat the purpose of the talk. Brevity is your keyword now especially if you have important negotiations underway. Your need to idealise someone now is very strong, but this is not realistic nor may it be in your best interests. Don't forget that everyone has human failings. Stop putting people on a pedestal. Someone may be showering you with unwanted attention, and this could cause you to lash out. Take this as a compliment, even if you don�t want it to go any further. You have it within you to muster up that little extra drive you need to propel your ideas into the world. No need to hesitate, just go for it.


22 June - 23 July

You may be overconfident today so try not to come across as a know-it-all. A balance between giving and receiving is essential for positive relationships. While the Moon is transiting through your eighth house of shared resources, you may be concerned about money because your lifestyle is exceeding your capacity to pay for it. Rework your budget. You may have to have a discussion with someone regarding a loss of some kind. Just now and although this may be unpalatable, it will help the person clear the way for better times. This will be a time in which you�re able to separate your sense of self-importance from what is of no use. It�s mental clean-up time.


24 July - 23 August

While the Moon is transiting your seventh house today don�t become too needy in your relationships or you'll lose power and the ability to negotiate things in your favour. The balance of giving and take is necessary. If you're asking someone to diagnose or fix something, make sure they're qualified to do so. You don't necessarily have to travel to see the world today. There are indications that literature and your online escapades and literature may be your ticket to a deeper and broader understanding of the world at large. Someone who admires you may approach you in the guise of requesting some advice.


24 August - 23 September

As the Moon transits your sixth house in opposition to the North node you are overworked at the moment but mustn't play the role of martyr when others are rallying to help you. Accept a helping hand even if your ego feels hurt; it will make a huge difference. Confidentiality is an art that many people have forgotten. If something is revealed to you now, keep it in the strictest of confidence. You may become aware you are opposing some of your children�s habits and activities. Allow them the independence and freedom to grow. Your strong personality and excellent attractiveness are your greatest assets just now and your social circle should expand.


24 September - 23 October

Venus creates some wonderful romantic energy for you now as it transits your seventh house and is retrograde. This is your ruling planet so be receptive to what�s out there, but by the same token don�t transgress your own morals. You have an added emotional boost of love energy due to the transit of the Moon in your fifth house of love affairs.�As well, humility is the keyword today where finances are concerned. You may need to analyse where you are gaining the most benefits. Discard activities which are time-consuming and yield very little. It will seem insurmountable but you could be a little tactless in your interactions.


24 October - 22 November

Sleepless nights are a result of not completing your work properly or distracting yourself with less important things. You must change your strategy if you are to achieve more peace especially while Mars is transiting your house of relationships. You�re disillusioned by a relationship today, but you�ve magnified a passing statement. Don�t take things so personally. You could be speculative right now and are not thinking straight. If you need to gamble, gamble half or a quarter of what you first anticipated. You feel uncomfortable about the statement of someone else�s fashion at present. You need to exhibit respect just as you would want them to respect you.


23 November - 22 December

You may try applying baby remedies to a problem which requires a much more serious approach than you are prepared to give today. If someone you know requires assistance, drop everything and give them your full attention. The Moon is transiting your third house now and so you may be a little flighty and scattered and will incur the displeasure of others who may see you as a little disinterested. Be there for friends today. You need to discourage action well before it happens by sending some sort of notification to the culprit. On the other hand, being forewarned is forearmed. It's best to keep some of your matters personal, especially in the workplace.


23 December - 20 January

Things should be busy on the home front or at least you�ll be thinking and planning about what to do next in your domestic sphere and this is due to the retrograde Venus in your fourth house now. You are really focused on your home life and domestic environment. There could be social events and gatherings or some sort of reunion that may be at the back of your mind. Vehicles could also be on your agenda to address during this cycle of Mercury and the Sun also transiting your fourth house. You could be explosive, dynamic and particularly innovative in your work. As long as you have free reign, you will achieve a lot today.


21 January - 19 February

With four planets transiting your third house now you mustn't throw too many irons in the fire just now even though your body, mind, and heart feel as though you could conquer Mount Everest. Put a couple of projects on the back burner and focus on the one or two items which will bring the bacon home. You could be somewhat scattered as this week comes to a close. Others are more likely to accept and appreciate you and accept you and your real worth. Take the time to forget everything and do nothing just now. A surprise visit from someone you've been thinking about lately could lift your spirits. Make contact with those that whom you've overlooked recently.


20 February - 20 March

It's a strange kind of daydreaming time but it will pass. Right now you've got only one foot in the "real world". You are ripe for a flight of fancy, so delay major decisions a bit. Today's Moon in the house of dreams, sleep and bed pleasures augurs well for your psychic abilities and premonitions. It's not at all that bad for seductive romance either. You have to express yourself much more clearly when demanding your needs be met. Work-related issues could get confused if you don�t say what�s on your mind. You don�t want to get involved in community-fighting or a dispute on the home front but that may be unavoidable. Take a neutral position.

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Improved relationships are assured right now. Conventional circumstances and people who seem out of step with your ideas may have something...

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