23 November - 22 December

Finances are moving into the black again but probably too slow for you to feel confident that you're actually out of financial pressure yet. Please be patient as the planets move into a more harmonious condition especially with Saturn continuing to influence your zone of income. You need to tone down your ruling planet Pluto as your method of communication may be a little heavy-handed now. Work steps up a notch today and you are likely to have a lot on your plate so make sure you have enough rest, eat well and listen carefully to what is said so you don't trip yourself up. Others may be combative and this is going to drain you of the energy you require to make your point and to make it well. Winning this little battle now is a step closer to staking your claim in a larger 'war'.


23 December - 20 January

This is a time of great social activity in your life but also when the intellectual and emotional needs are undergoing a dramatic change. You may meet people easily during this cycle but may realise that the superficiality that goes with much social interaction is not satisfying your souls need at this time. You may also find one or other friend particularly demanding and this could cause problems at that. Friends who are usually of assistance to you may back off and you won't understand why. Leave them to their own reasons and get on with the business of sorting out your own objectives in life now. Your emotions may be reactive now thought important for you to take a step back and wait for the appropriate moment to voice your opinion or to attack your competitor/co-worker. In the heat of the moment, you may say things that you regret and that may haunt you in the coming weeks and months so it's best to take control of yourself and let things pan out for a while.


21 January - 19 February

You are currently challenged karmically. This means you are fully aware that your past is catching up with you and that if you've made decisions based upon incorrect conceptions or expectations, this will now be coming back to haunt you. You need, to be honest with yourself and your partner to move this relationship forward otherwise, you may well have exceeded the use by date. Sexuality and matters of intimacy will predominate now. You have strong physical drives and this may be a release valve for you given the current work demands that have been placed upon you. It is really about balancing your personal and professional life and if you can do that both areas will be benefited with the result that you'll feel much more satisfied just within yourself. Financially you have some unexpected twists and turns to deal with during this cycle.


20 February - 20 March

Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing. Today you could be greedy to assimilate more than your mind can actually digest. Also, are you really sure you want to know about what you seek? In the matter of relationships and friendships, sometimes it's best to let the past simply be. Don't be too eager for information that could be something you don't in fact, want to know. Your love for someone may be well-intentioned but is this exactly how they want to be loved right now? You need to exercise empathy and sensitivity to their needs today. You could have some problems with your belief systems now and will want to expand your mind and look into different ways of considering life and these ideologies. Your vitality is also strong now but that's not an invitation to burn the candle at both ends. Continue to improve your diet and make time to exercise.


21 March - 20 April

Sometimes a wound, especially emotionally based involves other people and the process of healing is not necessarily all that easy particularly if you can't reconnect with that person. At this moment, you'll be seeking ways to release yourself from the past and that may or may not be with the consent or involvement of this third-party. You may have to do this alone and forgive someone at this point in time even if that is hard to do. Your monetary situation is subject to some extreme fluctuations at present and your mind is definitely thinking of strategies for stabilising this. You may be the recipient of a gift or possibly even may gain through inheritance, alimony, or insurance benefits. Try expanding your view and investigating alternative financial propositions and strategies with a view to securing your long-term future needs.


21 April - 21 May

You may feel temporarily blocked today and can feel frustrated. Resistance and challenges from others or from outside situations suggest that this is not a good time to try to force your will and desires upon the world, as friction is the only likely result. Relations with men and boys can be especially tense if you are female. In that case, you'll need to assert the masculine side of your nature. It's time for you to sort out and clear out a lot of the dead wood in your life - physically and emotionally. You could say it's a bit of a spring cleaning but this may not be easy as other people may be holding on to the nostalgia and what they perceive as things of value were as your quite clear that it is important to move on in these areas of your life. That being said, it appears that today may boil down to moments of compromise rather than one party claiming victory over the other.


22 May - 21 June

Be careful that you are not over-emphasising the wrong parts of the story to others right now. Indulge your desires today, but be sure that those you indulge have the same level of needs, otherwise you will remain frustrated. It's not really the appropriate time to go on a trip or expedition and your intuition tells you this. Rather you should wait for the appropriate signals within yourself and of course be certain that you have the money and other resources to cover something of this nature. You're thinking about ditching habit that could be causing you money. Feelings and emotions are easily expressed today but can also be overreactive. This is a good time to meet with others for the purpose of making peace.


22 June - 23 July

You are more prone to diving deeply into your own sensual and erotic nature right now, especially with your ruler, Venus in Scorpio. In some area of your life that you are trying to get a handle on, sexuality and the release of this power within you may be the key now. Be ready to explore and shed some of your outdated beliefs and experiment a little more. If you happen to find yourself in a position of authority, even temporarily, you need to lead others in a way that is amiable yet at the same time eliciting respect and trust. You can't do this by hammering away at people and shooting them down even if they are prone to errors. Try to be quietly assertive and the team will rally around you giving you the support that you need as well.


24 July - 23 August

If you are not feeling well today, it is best to postpone an outing, especially if you'll be in an unusual environment. You may think that you have more work on your plate than you actually do. If you look at things objectively, the work you have is not due to be finished for weeks. Pace yourself and stop worrying. Getting involved with someone you shouldn't is quite possible now but you should heed your own inner signals. If you don't listen to that still voice within you, do so at your own risk. Perhaps you won't feel the negative karma from this immediately but as they say, karma is very much like the tail of a comet always following it wherever it goes. The consequences of these actions will eventually catch up with you.


24 August - 23 September

If there are any legal or bureaucratic issues that are bothering you, you need to put those to bed now. But this is not going to happen by magic. The lunar position today shows and need to investigate, and to investigate the facts and figures deeply before drawing any conclusions or advising others of your decision. In fact, there is power in keeping your intentions closer to your chest today. It's best now to hide your skills and talents as others may be waiting for the appropriate moment to cut you down. If you don't show your strength then people are caught off guard and this is precisely the strategy you need now if you are surrounded by people, some of whom you don't necessarily trust. Competition is strong and you need to keep your wits about you.


24 September - 23 October

Speak your mind today and let your voice be heard in any situation you've been bottling up over some of the time. You're keen and alert, and you can express your grievances well. It's an excellent time to initiate discussions and communication, but you may be so intent on getting your message across that you don't really listen to what anyone else has to say. Take care of your possessions now and try not to be forgetful. You may lose things or inadvertently hand over too much money in some transaction. Check your numbers, facts and contracts and then check them again. You're likely to be worried about your material possessions as well. If things are not working as they should be then you should arrange for the proper servicing to maintain those things which you've paid good money for.


24 October - 22 November

If you are incapable of handling the basic level of some topic or subject, you can hardly expect to jump to the next level. Improve your skills before moving forward. If you're being challenged by someone, you have an opportunity to confront them and overcome this. It will be a test of your character. If you know you're likely to clash with a friend over some opinion or some difference idea logically what's the point of jumping into the viper's pit. If this person has allies you're simply going to be surrounded with those who are not at all sympathetic to your cause or your views. You need to respectfully decline any invitation which you see is going to set you up against others.

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Finances are moving into the black again but probably too slow for you to feel confident that you're actually out of financial pressure yet.

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