How much land do you need to own a pet goose in Moreton Bay?

NOT HAPPY: Bob Rodgers with his geese Meenie and Molly.
NOT HAPPY: Bob Rodgers with his geese Meenie and Molly. Vicki Wood

Animal-lover Bob Rodgers has two geese, but council notified him last week that he must have them both removed from their Wamuran property within a week after a noise complaint, as they cannot be on a property that size.

If they don't have Meenie and Molly removed by this week, they will receive a $550 fine.

Despite his property being almost 4000 sq m, and having owned Meenie (the older of his two pets) for three years, semi-retired Bob has been told there is no room to move on the rules.

"They're just pets - dad raised Meenie from a chick - and they make no more noise than the wildlife we get here," Bob's daughter Trischell said.

"They're pets, and good ones, they're not just poultry."

Dr Dolittle

She described how the geese followed him around and wagged their tails when he got home, describing him as "Dr Dolittle".

Trischell did some of her own investigating, and after finding nearby councils such as Brisbane City and Golf Coast City required far less room to house a goose (more than 800sq m for up to 20 and between 800sq m and 1999sq m for six respectively), she believes the council rules should be reviewed.

She questioned the local law discrepancies between councils, but Moreton Bay region Division 12 councillor Adrian Raedel said the Moreton Bay's, which have been in place about five years, were carefully considered to suit the region.

"We spoke to over 600 people at the time (of writing them up) and it was advertised everywhere, we had feedback and community consultation," he said. "It's not a perfect science but for everyone that loves a rooster there's someone that doesn't."

He said council looked at local laws as issues arose.


GEESE: 0 for properties of 20,000sq m or less, or 10 for those 20,001sqm or more;

PARROTS: 1 only for properties between 1001sq m and 3000sq m (also applies to cockatoo, galah or similar);

DOGS: Those in multiple dwellings, units or properties of 300sq m or less can only hold a permit for one dog. Property owners of 301sq m and up to 599sq m can apply for a permit for one additional dog;

CATS: Those in multiple dwellings, units or properties of 300sq m or less can only hold a permit for one cat. Property owners of 301sqm and up to 599sqm can apply for a permit for one additional cat.

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