Adventurers take on Wildhorse Mountain

RACE READY: Competitors are preparing for the Paddy Pallin Adventure Series at Wild Horse Mountain on the Sunshine Coast on March 18.
RACE READY: Competitors are preparing for the Paddy Pallin Adventure Series at Wild Horse Mountain on the Sunshine Coast on March 18. Lachlan Ryan

THRILL-SEEKERS will set out into the countryside for the 10th anniversary of the Paddy Pallin Adventure Series, at Wildhorse Mountain.

Teams of two will mountain bike, trail run, trek and kayak to navigate their way through the course on March 18.

51-year-old Morayfield resident John Eccles will be taking on the challenge with his teammate from Lismore.

"We competed together last year for the first time - I'm not a very good runner but Phil is, so he pushed me through that and I was stronger through the cycling so I helped him along,” he said.

"It's that support from the other teammate that keeps you going.

"It's great to have an event up in Queensland - I'd like to see a few more like this getting around the area.”

Event director Gary Farebrother encouraged teams of all skill and fitness levels to get involved, and said the event focuses on fun and team work rather than speed.

"Wildhorse Mountain appeals to a lot of people because it's a flat course - there's a lot of route options so if you've got the smarts to be able to choose a quicker or shorter route you'll do well - that adds an element that we don't see in the other events.”

A novice course was added to the program last year and saw a big increase in participants.

"We're going to have over 300 people - on last year it's probably a 50% increase,” Gary said.

"The novice course is a great way for people who haven't done something like this before to come along, give it a go and have a good time.”

The classic course involves 15-25km of mountain biking, 5-10km of trail running or trekking and 2-4km of kayaking, while the novice course is about half the distance.

"I think part of the reason people enjoy this format of event is because of the challenge - they don't know the course until the day of the event and they set off searching for check points with a mate - really it's just a lot of fun,” Gary said.

"The most important skill is actually communication, despite it being a physical event that involves multi disciplines and navigation, team work is really important.

"I guess that's what sets it apart from a lot of events that tend to be individual - you get to bring your buddy and have a laugh.”

The kayaks, paddles and personal flotation devices are supplied, and competitors will need to provide their own mountain bikes and compasses. Registration closes on March 15, visit www.paddypallin

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