Bernie cues up a unique record

RECORD BID: Kickboxer Bernie Jankowski broke five pool cues strapped together.
RECORD BID: Kickboxer Bernie Jankowski broke five pool cues strapped together. Luke Simmonds

POOL cue breaking is not your average record attempt, but Bribie Islander Bernie Jankowski is not your average 58-year-old.

The former kickboxing instructor put all 67kg of his light frame behind his shin to break five pool cues strapped together in what he believes is a national record.

It took two attempts, but Bernie made light work of the hardwood.

"I smashed one, two, three and four on the first go, so I was surprised I didn't get it in the first go," Bernie said.

"It's a bit disappointing because I'm competitive, but I'm happy with that. It could be a record for my age and weight group.

"Hardwood is a bit of a feat in itself, and strapped together with no gaps, it's thicker than a super heavyweight's thigh bone."

He admitted he was hurting physically, but 37 years of training had prepared him to deal with the pain.

"You've got to psyche up to it - if you saw the expression on my face when I approached it … the adrenaline flushes through you and takes over," Bernie said.

"Geoff (Ball), who held the cues, does it more spiritually, whereas I do it more physically with more aggression.

"I'm still pumped."

Bernie put some ice on the swelling and celebrated with a couple of drinks "in moderation" and was back at training, kicking by Thursday.

He's now in talks with Guinness World Records to attempt six cues in a few months.

"You've got to love what you do in your older age or fall in a heap," Bernie said.

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