Brianna in the fight for her life with stomach cancer

HELP HER ROAR: Wamuran Lions are helping raise money for Brianna Anderson who's in the fight for her life.
HELP HER ROAR: Wamuran Lions are helping raise money for Brianna Anderson who's in the fight for her life. Contributed

EIGHT-year-old Brianna Anderson is one tough cookie.

She's in her second round of intense chemotherapy after a stomach virus got into her lymph nodes and become cancerous.

Her father Michael said the cancer remained undetected for up to six months and spread to the rest of her body.

"Basically we kept going back and forwards to local doctors, because she kept running a fever and getting high temperatures; they gave us antibiotics and off you go,” he said.

"This was over a period of six months before they did a blood test.

"It came back and it was in her bones, lungs, chest, everywhere ... one of her lungs was full of water and she was pretty much on death's bed.”

The first round of chemo killed most the cancer, but some remains in her stomach and it's uncertain if they can kill it off.

But Michael said he knew she's got what it takes to fight it off.

"She's a tough resilient little girl; I don't raise wimps; we don't go down in a fight; we don't crawl up in a ball; we come out fighting,” he said.

"She comes out hunting, camping and fishing with me. It could be minus three degrees, howling wind and she doesn't care - she's having fun.

"The first thing I said to the doctor was 'she may look like a little lamb, but you can hit her with everything you've got. I'd rather her die from the therapy than the disease.'.”

Her mum Mary has stayed by her side at the Royal Brisbane Children's Hospital for the past four months, but Michael has been left to run their marine servicing business alone in Wamuran.

"She's not handling it very well at all ... she's sort of had a massive meltdown. She's had enough,” Michael said.

"Unfortunately we can't get off the bus and say we've had enough, (because) it's our daughter's life is at stake here.

"I'm trying to keep the tent from blowing away so to speak.

"You have to have the perfect mindset for the work I do, but when you're dealing with trauma, a one-hour job takes four hours.

"I'll walk to the truck to get a spanner then stop and say 'what did I come over here for?'

The Wamuran branch of the Woodford Lions Club is putting on a movie night to raise money for Brianna's family in the Range View Park, Wamuran at 6.30pm on March 18.

The movie is Finding Dory and Moreton Bay Regional Council is supplying carnival-style food and other things to keep kids entertained.

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