Carrie Bickmore on 'vicious outrage' aimed at Rachel Finch

Carrie Bickmore is now on radio with co-host Tommy Little on the HIT network.
Carrie Bickmore is now on radio with co-host Tommy Little on the HIT network. Supplied

CARRIE Bickmore has blasted critics of Rachael Finch, who targeted the model with "vicious outrage" after she revealed she sometimes sends her daughter to her grandma's house on weekends to allow some alone time with her husband.

In a column for Stellar magazine, The Project co-host declared she "might as well have put her hand in a blender" by making the confession publicly.

"The immediate reaction was vicious outrage. In a world where there is so much to be outraged about, where does the energy for this come from?" the 36-year-old mum-of-two asked.

"There is nothing wrong with having an opinion. But do we really need the vitriol?"

Bickmore went on to point out that those attacking the model don't even know all the details about her home life.

"Perhaps she might spend more time with her daughter during the week than a lot of other mums or wishes to maintain a healthy relationship with her hubby," she said.

According to Bickmore, social media has made parenting "risky business" - because it gives other people the chance to openly judge mums' decisions.

"Post your latest birthday cake creation and you'll be shamed for setting standards too high for other mums," she said.

"Share a pic of your kid's school lunch and someone will point out how chocolate crackles are the first step to childhood obesity."

The TV presenter was the target of that same "vicious outrage" a few months ago, after she mentioned on air that her nine-year-old had started walking to school on his own, and that she hadn't realised she was supposed to call the school to ensure he'd arrived safely.

"I thought I was sharing a trivial anecdote about my son's new-found independence, as part of a conversation about helicopter parenting. But I had opened a can of nasty worms," Bickmore revealed.

"People went out of their way to tell me nine is too young for a kid to walk to school, and I was negligent for not calling to check he'd made it safely."

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