Charli XCX's zombie phobia

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CHARLI XCX has a phobia of zombies.

The 'Vroom Vroom' singer is terrified of the undead rising up and bringing an apocalyptic end to the world.

Charli has thought about the possibility of flesh-eating monsters coming to get her so much that she's devised a survival strategy.

She said: "I'd make sure I was in the second floor of an apartment - then I'd cut off the stairs. I'd make sure I had enough petrol in my car. I'd stockpile raisins that type of s**t.

"And I'd cover my mouth in case I got infected by zombie blood. You know, the simple things. I'm so good at this!"

And it's not the only thing that's left Charli feeling "freaked out" as she previously gushed about meeting Bill Murray.

She said: "I ran into Bill Murray in the lobby of a hotel and completely freaked out.

"He told me he liked my shoes and I ran away because I didn't know what to say. In hindsight, I wish I'd invited him to a party or something, but I didn't play it cool at all."

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