Kidnapper wants to live with pen pal lover: court

A MAN who allegedly kidnapped an Ipswich woman with another person and threatened to tie her to a tree near the ocean so she would be scared of drowning at high tide has been refused bail.

Trevor John Hayman, 28, applied for bail at Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday when his lawyer argued he now had a partner who he could live with if he was released.

Mr Hayman had been in jail for almost a year, the court heard, and six months ago he formed a relationship with a woman.

The woman was present at court on Tuesday to support the bail application.

But Supreme Court Justice Jean Dalton said their relationship was not "conventional" because Mr Hayman had been in jail for the whole time they had been together.

"It sort of looks like it's not true, doesn't it," Justice Dalton said.

"She's somebody who has, what, written to him in jail?

"It's not very convincing, I must say."

Justice Dalton said her concerns were about the suitability of the bail address.

"It's someone he barely knows because he's known her for six months while he's been in jail.

"They're not in any conventional form of a relationship."

Justice Dalton said Mr Hayman faced 21 charges in total: eight of which were within the district court and included deprivation of liberty, torture, robbery, threatening violence and assault.

He also faces 13 other charges in the magistrates court.

Justice Dalton said Mr Hayman and another person allegedly detained the woman for a "considerable period of time" and tortured her, including allegedly threatening to cut off her fingers and threatening to tie her to a tree below the tide line "so that she was in fear of drowning".

She said he also allegedly used a machete in those offences.

Justice Dalton said Mr Hayman had a criminal history which included smuggling drugs into a jail and trying to interfere with a witness.

He had been in jail for almost a year but Justice Dalton said his trial had been listed in the coming months and refused his bail. - ARM NEWSDESK

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