Dash cam saves unlucky driver from more pain

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Chris Fowler’s HSV after it hit by a red light-runner at Morayfield Rd.
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Chris Fowler’s HSV after it hit by a red light-runner at Morayfield Rd. Contributed

IT WAS the shocking crash that went viral online, but the dash cam video served a greater purpose than just entertainment to the man inside.

Narangba resident Chris Fowler is lucky to be alive after a Toyota Prius ran a red light and he t-boned it with his HSV in front of Morayfield Shopping Centre two weeks ago.

Mr Fowler sustained ongoing injuries, but if the camera wasn't rolling it could have been significantly harder to prove they were a result of the crash.

Mr Fowler said all the witnesses drove off without leaving any details.

"The biggest thing if I had not had that (dash cam) when the accident occurred it would have been different because no one stopped to see if I was okay or leave their details," he said.

"Literally 100s of cars went past and that was the sad part."

The video that went viral came from another driver's dash cam, but they never came forward, so it was lucky Mr Fowler was kitted out with his own cameras, tracking system and data recording devices.

Now he's on a crusade to make it mandatory for cars to be fitted with the same technology.

"I drive the highway every day and I just see terrible, terrible road use from all sorts of cars," Mr Fowler said.

"I thought it was a good investment just in case something does happen because it's undeniable proof … a dash cam is pretty cut and dry as to what actually happened in that incident.

"And having them in your car makes you a bit more conscientiousness driver because you know it's recording and you need to drive accordingly.

"You don't see people with dash cams coming out with videos of them doing ridiculously stupid things."

Mr Fowler runs a recruitment agency for car companies and has grown up around cars all his life which he believes made him more proactive on the issue.

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