OPINION: Easter is not about being stressed out

RECENTLY I found myself explaining to overseas visitors why we give out chocolate at Easter.

Equally as baffling to my overseas friends was why we celebrate a religious event with bunnies and chickens.

I wasn't all that sure and found myself hitting up Google to find an accurate answer.

Turns out it all has to do with ancient celebrations and fertility and goddesses and traditions swapped and borrowed around the world to the point where yes, we celebrate chocolate, bunnies and eggs.

It's all a bit strange when you really think about it.

If you're Christian then you believe it's a celebration of Jesus coming back to life, if not, you most likely see it as a time for people to come together and enjoy life.

Which makes it a shame that people get so worked up over Easter that drivers become impatient, people get assaulted and families start fighting over tiny things.

Hopefully you've had a fantastic Easter - and remember it's better to do less and relax than to panic and have a bad time.

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