Express post to retirement after 50 years

RETIRING HAPPY: Doug and Marlene are retiring from the Woodford Post Office after 25 years.
RETIRING HAPPY: Doug and Marlene are retiring from the Woodford Post Office after 25 years. Luke Simmonds

AFTER 50 years in the game, it's time Doug Flux stamped his last envelope.

He and his wife Marlene have owned and operated the Woodford Post Office for the past 25 years and have been at the epicentre of the town ever since.

Doug has worked in 13 post offices from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, but said none of them ever felt as homely as the Woodford office.

Although he was born in Dalby, his great grandfather owned a property near the Woodford Correctional Centre where his granddad was born.

"You come here and it's like one big family; it's just a different, lovely atmosphere,” he said.

"We used to know everyone until the expansion in recent years; we probably know 60% of the people now.

"We want to thank them for their patronage and friendship; it's been a big part of our life.”

Doug got into the business in 1967 on the advice of his father following post-war hardships.

"In 1967 I went through what they call a training school for postal clerks; they had a state-wide exam,” he said.

"Dad said it was a permanent, safe and secure job. In those days that was very important, these days it's less important.

"Those days you went for security as war-time babies; there wasn't a lot money around.

"It hasn't done me too badly.”

Marlene will also say goodbye to an illustrious career in the postal industry after starting at a similar time as Doug, but at the Kingaroy office.

The two met when Doug was relieving at her office in the late 60s before they got married in 1973 and had two kids.

"I bought a lot of stamps that I never needed,” Marlene said.

"His blue eyes are what I noticed first over the counter.”

Now the two of them said they'll give themselves time to relax and travel around Australia.

"I'm sad in a way, but I'm ready to go age-wise,” he said.

"Once we get things organised at home we'll start to do our own thing when we want to do it and don't do it if we don't feel like it.

"We have a motorhome that we will travel around Australia in.”

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