Fined $700 for abusing hospital staff, police

FOUL-mouthed Daniel Pilkington leaves Gladstone courthouse after being fined for his tirade in the Gladstone Hospital. Photo Ross Irby / The Observer
FOUL-mouthed Daniel Pilkington leaves Gladstone courthouse after being fined for his tirade in the Gladstone Hospital. Photo Ross Irby / The Observer Ross Irby

DANIEL Pilkington injured his leg in an argument with a hotel patron and taken by ambulance to Gladstone Base Hospital where staff and police copped a tirade of his abusive language.

His abuse took him from an Emergency Department wheelchair to a Gladstone courtroom, where his bad behaviour earned him no sympathy.

Pilkington, 20, with pages of prior offences that police put before magistrate Jason Schubert, pleaded guilty to obstructing police and public nuisance on July 28.

Prosecutor Mark Fenlon said police were called to the hospital at 2am because a man was refusing to leave after being cleared for discharge and was being verbally aggressive.

Mr Fenlon said Pilkington wanted police to drive him home and officers had to forcibly put him in a wheelchair and wheel him out to a taxi.

"Suck a d... you f...... maggots," he yelled, giving the nursing staff a rude finger gesture.

When Pilkington was arrested Mr Fenlon said he continued to yell abuse also saying: "I don't give a f.... . do you know who I am?

"Go f.... yourself you dog, pig motherf..... ."

He was arrested, and then got his taxi ride - straight to a police cell at the Gladstone watchhouse, in fact.

His cringe-worthy behaviour continued. Mr Fenlon told the court Pilkington verbally abused police and began to "lick and spit" on the glass doors.

"This is what he does, misbehaves in public," Mr Fenlon said, referring to his prior offending history.

Defence lawyer Jun Pepito said Pilkington tore a leg ligament in the hotel argument and still in pain when released by hospital staff.

"They offered to sell him crutches, but could not afford it," Mr Pepito said.

"He instructs that his behaviour was not acceptable, but he was in pain.

"Daniel's 'verbal diarrhoea' was due to his pain. It was unacceptable and he shouldn't say those words."

Mr Schubert fined Pilkington $700, warning him that his bad language was not acceptable in a hospital.

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