Accused hit-and-runner's daughter: 'I was drug-f***ed'

THE daughter of a woman who police believe ran over a cyclist on the Warrego Hwy near Gatton has given teary evidence about how her mother admitted to her that had she killed an innocent man.

The Toowoomba woman also said her mother was a "bitch to get along with" but that she would not have hurt anybody.

A coronial inquiry is being held in Brisbane to investigate the death of Chinese national Shui Ki Chan whose body was found in a ditch by the Warrego Hwy in August 2012.

Police believe Gatton woman Joanne Marie McCauley - who has also previously lived in Toowoomba and Rockhampton - ran over Mr Chan while he was riding his bike home from work.

Skye Maas, who lives in Toowoomba, gave evidence at the inquest on Thursday and said her mother was a mess and was rambling on and not making any sense.

"And then she was like 'I killed an innocent man'," Ms Maas said while in tears.

Ms Maas, who at first did not want to answer questions but was directed to by the Coroner, said she remembered not knowing whether it was another one of her mother's stories or if it was true.

She also told the court she remembered trying to calm her mother down.

Ms Maas said her mum was angry and was trying to intimidate someone. The day after telling her, Ms McCauley went into her daughter's room and said she had made the story up.

"She was normal again… it was just the total opposite, just as convincing that she did do it as she was that she didn't do it," Ms Maas said. "I don't know."

Ms Maas told the court she was addicted to drugs around the time her mother confessed to her.

"I really am not credible on much, I was a drug-f**ked junkie piece of sh*t like I don't know how else to put it," she admitted.

During her evidence, Ms Maas broke down in tears saying evidence had scared her.

"I can't see her being able to do something like that. She's up and down, she's hot and cold, she's a bitch to get along with… she wouldn't have hurt anybody."

The inquest will continue on Friday and is likely to be adjourned to continue next month. - ARM NEWSDESK

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