YOUR SAY: Golden point a golden disgrace

TARNISHED: A season’s work should not come down to a golden point situation, says one reader.
TARNISHED: A season’s work should not come down to a golden point situation, says one reader. DEAN LEWINS

I READ Wayne Heming's piece in the NewsMail this week regarding that Sunday night debacle with the golden point.

I agree with him that this should be given the right royal treatment and flushed down the toilet. In fact, my mates and I have been saying this for years ever since it was introduced by the whingers down south during a dummy spit over a State of Origin game.

Surely even Blind Freddy can see a season's work should not come down to this. Play extra time by all means - five or 10 minutes each way - and if one of the teams kicks a field goal and the other doesn't score then that is a result.

If no points are scored, then have a replay a week later. This has been done before in the days prior to the NRL.

This rubbish golden point is not what our game is about. It is a team sport and should be treated that way, with respect for the competitors foremost, not something that suits the TV programmers.

I was particularly disappointed in Paul Green with his "I don't care, we won, that's all that counts" comments during his press conference. Let's see if Green and team can back up their success next season.

I, for one, will be very surprised if they can. Remember they were only 20 seconds away from losing and if the "master coach" did not think he was smart in changing the Broncos' normal way of playing it could have been a very different result.

Hunt and Milford were the main reason that the Broncos got to the grand final and their combination was electric, but in the Grand Final, Hunt was not combining with Milford just like he was under game plan instructions.

The multiple kicking out on the fifth or sixth tackles instead of attacking or attempting a field goal when you have three exponents in the team was also ridiculous.

I have two suggestions I would put forward to administrators of the game:

1. Get the referees to use their audio to advise all of us what or why a penalty has been blown. It would be great to hear clearly the reason or reasons instead of guessing.

2. Get the questions being asked by the media in the after-match press conferences so they are audible to us watching. You can hear the answers but not the questions. Surely the NRL can provide a number of microphones to the present media for use when they want to ask a question.

After all, it is on TV for a TV audience.


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