The artistry behind knife making

CUSTOM KNIVES: Knife maker Scottie Simmonds puts his skills to work forging custom creations in his workshop. Photo: Max Fleet / NewsMail
CUSTOM KNIVES: Knife maker Scottie Simmonds puts his skills to work forging custom creations in his workshop. Photo: Max Fleet / NewsMail Max Fleet

IT WAS an urgent need for a good knife while working on cattle stations that spurred Scottie Simmonds into crafting the kitchen utensil for a living.

The Bundaberg man is the owner of Gidgee Knives and creates the high-quality, custom-made tool in all shapes and sizes.

"I first got into knife making when I was working on cattle stations. I really needed a knife one day so I made one. I have just kept doing it I guess," he said.

"I pretty much make a whole range from Japanese and European style kitchen knives, hunting and fishing knives."

Mr Simmonds said knife making was an art form and required a specific range of steps to follow before the product was complete."You start with a steel gillette, a chunk of steel. It needs to be heated up and then you start belting the shape out with a hammer," he said.

"You then move on to a knife grinder and that's when you can start to make it look a bit pretty. Then it goes into a heat treat cycle and then back to the knife grinder.

"There are a few hours of hand sanding and making the handle before the product is complete."

Mr Simmonds said the craft could also be quite time consuming, depending on the amount of artistry that went into each knife.

I can make a knife in a day but usually I will spend a week on it. It is a craft. There is a very artistic side to knife making.

"I love doing it but it can be frustrating at times. The amount of effort you can put into something like this that, within a second, can be totally ruined."

Other than making the perfect gift, Mr Simmonds said a good knife should be part of every kitchen in the household.

"People spend a lot of money on a frying pan or other items for the kitchen and a kitchen knife should be exactly the same. It is something you use every single day," he said.

So whether you need a new, sharp knife for the kitchen, something perfect for your fishing trips or a sharp tool to take out bush, Scottie Simmonds can create something for you.

To see his range of knives or to buy, visit or visit the Facebook page Custom Knives by Scottie.


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