SOAP BOX: Keep calm on our roads

I USUALLY work out of the Caboolture office, which involves a twice-daily drive along the Bruce Hwy to go to and from my home.

Last week, I had just merged onto the highway outside of Caboolture and was in the process of overtaking a slow-moving car when a motorbike rider came from about 100 metres away and pulled up between my car and the car I was overtaking.

The rider was travelling on the dotted line that separated the two lanes and I thought he was just in a hurry and was going to pass.

He then proceeded to punch my passenger side rear-view mirror, damaging it until it was dangling by the wire.

The rider then sped up to pull in front of me before slowing down to flip me the bird and speed off at well over the speed limit.

The whole incident really shook me and I cried the whole way home.

Was I driving too slowly? Had he had a bad day?

Did an enemy drive the same make of car as mine?

Thankfully, I had got his registration plate number and reported it to the police but it made me wonder how someone can develop so much rage while traveling on the road.

I know we've all been a bit frustrated when stuck behind the odd car doing 40kmh in a 60kmh zone or 80kmh in a 100kmh zone but never have I ever felt the need to damage, tail-gate or dangerously overtake someone to get to my destination three minutes sooner.

I think everyone on the road needs to take a deep breath, show a bit more tolerance and think before they act.

While a broken rear-view can be replaced, a life lost because of a stupid act can't.

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