Pot to pirates: Australia's strangest political parties

Pre-poll voting for Sunshine Coast local elections at the Millwell Road Community Centre.
Pre-poll voting for Sunshine Coast local elections at the Millwell Road Community Centre. Warren Lynam

MOST Australians vote for the Coalition or Labor, but there are a host of unusual and sometimes single-platform parties that inhabit our electoral landscape.

Here are a few of the parties you may not have heard of:

1. Australian Cyclists Party: As the name suggests, single-issue party dedicated to "well-researched, evidence-based" policies that support "a cycling-friendly Australia".

2. Australian Anti-paedophile Party: A recently-registered party, dedicated to helping parents fight what it calls "the injustices of the family court".

3. Bullet Train for Australia: Registered in 2013, this single-issue party lobbies for a high-speed rail link between Melbourne and Brisbane, and other similar rail links around the country.

4. Consumer Rights and No-Tolls: A consumer-rights driven party dedicated, among other things, to "reinstate an ethical distance between government and business", including lobbying to abolish road tolls, high fees and predatory lending, animal cruelty and protecting civil liberties.

5. Help End Marijuana Prohibition Party: A single-issue party pushing for marijuana legalisation for personal, medicinal and industrial use.

6. Pirate Party: A civil liberties, personal privacy and government transparency party as well as a pro-Bill of Rights party.

7. Smokers' Rights Party: This single-issue party is dedicated to reducing tax on tobacco products, abolishing plain packaging laws and sale restrictions.


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