New Acland mine boss slams critic at Land Court hearing

A NEW Hope boss has accused one of the company's leading critics of "regularly circulating" misleading information to the media about the impact the New Acland mine has on the area.

New Hope chief operating officer Bruce Denney told the Queensland Land Court yesterday that Dr Tanya Plant, a farmer near the company's New Acland mine, had made media comments which the company believed were "misleading".

Dr Plant, who cross-examined Mr Denney, said she believed her comments were not misleading and denied she had circulated information.

Mr Denney was taken through multiple newspaper and online articles in which Dr Plant was quoted.

He said Dr Plant had overstated the mine's use of underground water and the frequency of the mine discharging toxic nitrous oxide gas.

New Hope critics Alan Jones, Tanya Plant and Merilyn Plant.
New Hope critics Alan Jones, Tanya Plant and Merilyn Plant. Dave Noonan

Dr Plant defended her comments instead claiming Mr Denney was trying to minimise the impact the mine was having on the Acland community.

"Are you aware nitrous oxide can kill people?" she asked Mr Denney.

But Mr Denney said the gas did not reach a concentration high enough to harm people who lived near the mine.

Mr Denney told Dr Plant he would be "surprised" if she had not been notified of the mine's activities as she claimed.

Similarly Mr Denney said Dr Plant had exaggerated the amount of water the mine would remove from underground aquifers - but admitted he was unsure of the exact details and would "defer to the experts".

The Queensland Land Court hearing continues.

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