'No more animal cruelty' - pet lover's plea

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: Million Paws Walk organiser Mindy Thorpe with Mr B and Snugglepot is concerned about animal cruelty.
SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: Million Paws Walk organiser Mindy Thorpe with Mr B and Snugglepot is concerned about animal cruelty. Vicki Wood

IT'S fair to say Mindy Thorpe is an animal lover.

She organised the first Million Paws Walk on Bribie Island last year; she's an avid campaigner against animal cruelty and you can catch her every month at the Sunday markets doing pet massages.

But recently she's been struck by faux 'charity' groups' taking advantage of those being generous.

Late last year, animal lover Kylie Butler was fined $650 for dumping 40 cats in the Woodford forestry from her unregistered animal refuge.

"My concern is older people that live in the area, some of these people who are saying that they are charities, are not charities as such,” Ms Thorpe said.

"We don't know whether the support is going to animals or not.

"I've got aunties and uncles on the island in their 80s and 70s who are all animal lovers, and I know people like that, it's really easy to give money when it's for animals.”

An RSPCA spokesman said these cases were commonplace in Queensland.

"These people can basically be described as hoarders, not a proper charity,” he said.

"Unfortunately it's a fairly regular occurrence; you get them maybe once every three months or so where we'll go to a major hoarding case.

"If it's a registered charity it's a different story, but sadly anyone can set up a gofundme page or a semi-rescue organisation and nothing can stop them from asking for money.”

Ms Thorpe has also been campaigning on social media and putting signs up in the street to help RSPCA find the culprit who abandoned, Honey the Shetland sheepdog late last year.

Honey was euthanised after she was found dumped with faeces matted in her hair which resulted in a maggot infestation and she was suffering from a large tumour.

The RSPCA recently charged Penelope Coleman, from Caboolture, with a breach of duty of care and the matter was adjourned to the Caboolture Magistrates court on April 26.

Ms Thorpe is organising the second Million Paws Walk for May 21 this year.

It begins at 7am from Chamber of Commerce Park on the Bongaree foreshore.

Register now at www. QLD/bribie-island.

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