Plugger plan to give back to Swans as coach

He's back ... Tony Lockett at Swans training.
He's back ... Tony Lockett at Swans training.

TONY Lockett says Lance Franklin could break his record of 1360 goals but he'll have to stop venturing so far up the ground if he is to have any chance.

Lockett is back at the Swans after a 15-year absence as a part time goal kicking and forwards coach.

He had his first training session with the players on Tuesday and attended the club's Hall of Fame induction and guernsey presentation where he speculated on Buddy's chances of surpassing the mark he has held since 2002.

"Anything is possible, records are there to be broken," Lockett said.

"I think it is possible one day. Lance is a great chance but not if he keeps going that far out.

"It's a long way and territory I never ventured anywhere near."

In reality, the prospect of Buddy getting anywhere near Lockett's goal tally looks remote.

He has kicked 787 goals in his 12 seasons at Hawthorn and the Swans which still leaves him 573 behind.

If he maintains his current average of 65 goals per year it would take him almost nine seasons to reach the mark and at the age of 40.

Lockett is now 51 and has had very little connection with football since his retirement 15 years ago but has steadily been drawn back into the fold.


Lockett talks to Sam Reid at Swans training
Lockett talks to Sam Reid at Swans training

He presented Franklin his Coleman Medal at the Swans best-and-fairest three years ago and was elevated to legend status in the AFL Hall of Fame in 2015.

He has also attended St Kilda functions and Robert Harvey's testimonial. He still feels like he has something to contribute to the Swans and the game.

"I played footy all my life," Lockett said.

"I got away and did what I needed to do with time away from footy. But I still keep in touch a little bit. It's a challenge and I'm up for it. Hopefully I can get a result and some improvement (in the players) I'll be chuffed."

In his first session at the club he worked with the forwards in what was essentially an introduction to the players.

"I worked with a few of the boys," Lockett said.

"It will take a while to work a few things out but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

"I hope that I can pass on some knowledge and a few of them can get some benefit out of it. If we can just improve a little bit that's what we're after. From what I've seen already the blokes are happy to work and try to change a few things. If they're willing to work and put the effort in, which they all are, hopefully we will get some good results."

Lockett also paid tribute to the Swans and how they had helped him rekindle his career which was starting to struggle at Moorabbin.

"I was at a crossroad in my career when I came to Sydney," Lockett said.

"This club threw me a lifeline. I have nothing but absolute gratitude for everyone, not only back then but since then and into the future. This club is one of the greatest things you'll ever be involved in and I'm indebted for the rest of my life to."

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