Seven ways to improve your Bluesfest experience

FAMILY-FRIENDLY: Joel and Sophie Krauel, of Gold Coast, protect there son Liam's hearing with special ear muffs at Bluesfest 2015.
FAMILY-FRIENDLY: Joel and Sophie Krauel, of Gold Coast, protect there son Liam's hearing with special ear muffs at Bluesfest 2015. Marc Stapelberg

NOW that the first day of Bluesfest is done, we have seven tips on how to make your Bluesfest experience even better.

1. Drivers see red, not blues

After a night full of music and partying, thousands of cars trying to get out of Tyagarah always makes for a challenging situation. There are buses going to and from most locations in the Byron Shire. Maybe leave the car at home?

And if you are stuck trying to get out of the parking area, remember that many people are in the same situation and be patient, nice and polite to others around you.

2. Carbs are allowed!!

In a festival situation, what is normally considered a big no-no in your diet is (only temporarily) OK. An organic donut, a giant burrito, or maybe a pizza, it's all OK. It's festival time.

Maybe I'm just saying this to myself.

Go get a salad.

3. Keep hydrated

The weather is mostly sunny and the spirits are high, but don't overindulge in alcohol, coffee or sugary drinks. Water is what your body needs.

4. For your listening pleasure

The guys from are renting out headphones where you can get the live audio feed from four stages: Mojo, Crossroads, Jambalaya and Boomerang, so you don't need to be in front of the band to hear them live.

So please don't push your way to the front row if you arrived to the stage at the last minute. Go get a headphone or get there on time.

5. Shopping is OK

There are stalls selling pretty much everything on site. There are hats, clothing (we hear local brand Spell is in this year), jewellery and more. Just don't over indulge.

6. Wear closed shoes

Although the weather is fine, there has been some revellers requesting help from First Aid due to ant bulls giving them a nasty bite. Wear closed shoes and be careful where you seat or stand.

7. Visit Boomerang

The Boomerang Festival is a great opportunity to learn something about Australian culture and indigenous people from around the world. Don't miss it.

Now go and enjoy the music!

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