Sex Party fires up at Christian Lobby Group

same sex marriage campaigners
same sex marriage campaigners

SEX has taken aim at religion in the political arena.

The Australian Sex Party has called for the stripping of the Australian Christian Lobby's charitable status.

The reason was because of its "aggressive lobbying against the Safe School Program" and its sponsorship against same sex marriage.

Sex Party leader and Victorian Upper House member, Fiona Patten said the Christian Lobby was a registered charity based on its aim to "advance the cause of religion".

"Many people I speak to are absolutely appalled when they learn that the likes of the Australian Christian Lobby are basically subsidised by the Australian taxpayer", Ms Patten said.

"How are these activities in any way said to be advancing the cause of religion especially when Marriage Equality is a major election issue?"

The Sex Party has also questioned why the government would fund school chaplaincy.

"There is something seriously wrong when the government is giving over $240 million to the widely derided chaplaincy program but has a problem with a program designed to protect gay kids," Ms Patten said.

However, the school chaplaincy program has been widely supported by state governments across Australia,including Queensland because of its high success rate

Numerous questions have been raised about the Safe Schools Program.

 Member for Dawson George Christensen asked in parliament how it was being allowed in schools and funded to the tune of $8 million.

Mr Christensen raised eyebrows when he suggested it was "grooming for pedophiles" after highlighting some of the controversial links the program has.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had requested Education Minister Simon Birmingham to investigate the program.

Sunshine Coast plastic surgeon Dr Mark McGovern is the Queensland Acting President for the Australian Sex Party.  The Daily is trying to contact him for additional comment.

Australian Christian Lobby Queensland Director, Wendy Francis said there was no one under more scrutiny than the Chaplaincy Program, which is not allowed to proselytise

"On the other side we have Safe Schools which is proselytising, they encourage students to be actively involved in marches for same sex marriage.  They are pushing for their own cause.:

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