Teenage girls trash rental property

DESTROYED HOME: Angela De-Gaetano in her rental property that has been vandalised, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.
DESTROYED HOME: Angela De-Gaetano in her rental property that has been vandalised, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Vicki Wood

THREE teenage girls have been charged by police after they ransacked an emergency accommodation rental in Bellmere during a 24-hour period of madness.

Angela De-Gaetano's family has been left devastated by the attack on their investment property which was leased out to a government agency which cannot be named for safety reasons.

A 15-year-old girl was due to face juvenile court for enter premises and commit indictable offence and wilful damage, while two 13-year-olds had their charges diverted.

The outcome is unknown due to privacy reasons.

Ms De-Gaetano said it couldn't have come at a worse time as their landlord insurance had only recently been cancelled following her husband's workplace accident.

"Sunday evening we got a call from police saying the property had been broken into, smashed and graffitied,” she said.

"There were at least 25 holes in walls, doors kicked in, front windows were smashed and light fittings were smashed.

"It's a fair bit of damage and there's no sort of comeback because it's juveniles who did it.”

The rental was in between tenants at the time of the incident, but Ms De-Gaetano said police informed her that one of the culprits was a previous tenant.

Police couldn't confirm if that was true because the assailants were under age.

"Our records indicate at least two incidents occurring over a 24-hour period on June 4, including enter with intent around 3.30pm and burglary at around 8pm that evening,” a spokeswoman said.

Caboolture Realty office manager Donna Turner, who manages the property, said if the attackers were former tenants, then there was a chance the government agency would have to pay for the damages, which are estimated to be at least $3000.

"It's a tough situation - we still don't know who's going to be responsible,” she said.

"If we can put the blame onto who did it, then they would need to be convicted in court and asked to pay damages, but as we all know, people who do things like this probably don't have a cent to their name.

"It's the first time we've had an incident like this ... it's just a good lesson to always have landlord insurance.”

The Caboolture News was unable to get in contact with the government agency involved for privacy reasons.

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