WATCH | Gladstone girls in aerial stunts at world titles

The Observer sports journalist Nick Kossatch spoke with Australian member Izabeya Jones yesterday about the team's achievements in finishing sixth in the world.

NK: Finishing 6th in the world, amazing achievement. Has the result exceeded your expectations?

IJ: Yes heaps higher I wouldn't have thought we would make finals with the people we were up against especially Israel and Great Britain.

NK: How did you girls feel in the lead-up to the championships and were there any nerves in the final?

IJ: No nerves in the final. It was more exciting and an amazing experience. We felt excited, nervous and a bit sad leading up to it considering it would make the end of our trio.

NK: How much time and commitment did you do as preparations to China?

IJ: We put a lot of effort into it trained pretty much every day the closer the competition got the harder training was.

Gladstone Gymnastics Club 12-18 trio, at top Izabeya Jones, left Aime Parker, right Jasmyn Dew.
Gladstone Gymnastics Club 12-18 trio, at top Izabeya Jones, left Aime Parker, right Jasmyn Dew. Allen Winter

NK: Who have helped you most and given you advice on how to perform on the big stage?

IJ: Beth Young because she was our coach from the start and lead us through the tough and easy times.

NK: To beat a traditional gymnastic powerhouse Russia - how awesome is that?

IJ: Beating Russia I would never thought we would do as we always thought they would be in the top three. It was extremely exciting to know we beat one of the top countries!

NK: Olympic dreams? You think this event is a good stepping stone for maybe 2020?

IJ: Unfortunately acrobatics isn't in the Olympics however world games is equivalent to an Olympics in our sport so I would definitely like to aim for that in 2020

NK: And finally, what's next for you girls?

IJ: Our trio are splitting up, Jasmyn is taking over coaching Aime is retiring to concentrate on grade 12 and I will become a base I still have quite an exciting future ahead of me when it comes to acro.

NK: Did you feel confident?

IJ: I felt confident in most routines as we have performed them a million times however this was different as it was on the world stage!

NK: Was the Australian team supportive?

IJ: The team were extremely supportive always wishing us luck and congratulating us the biggest support was from our family and friends.

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