Time to wind down ... and dress down

If you haven’t seen it already, search YouTube for Wearing Activewear by Skitbox for a Saturday laugh. View on:
If you haven’t seen it already, search YouTube for Wearing Activewear by Skitbox for a Saturday laugh. View on: PHOTO CONTRIBUTED

I HAVE often contemplated the practicality of my wardrobe.

Or to be more precise, the lack of practicality. I have dozens of ball gowns - okay, not ball gowns exactly but evening gowns. I also have an over representation of suits and semi-formal-work attire.

But in reality, casual loungewear is not as well represented in my wardrobe as it could and should be. And yet, like a lot of women I know, much of my life is spent casually lounging around in the comfort of my own home.

Another factor that has contributed to the rise of loungewear is the growing number of women who now work from home.

So what do I wear when undertaking said lounging or working at home? In truth it's usually some sad old leggings and either a t-shirt or sweater, depending on the weather.

It follows then that if there is one section of my wardrobe that I could justify investing in, it's the loungewear department. Just because I'm at home doesn't mean I have to drop all standards.

The market has picked up on this with lounge-type retail sections in the bigger stores, while the huge national brand Sussan has long made its fortune off the back of our pyjama-clad backs.

Thanks to online shopping there are now boutique labels that specialise in loungewear and upmarket pyjamas.

The other alternative is to treat your activewear as casual day wear. Who's to know if you've run a marathon or you're just going for gold on the sofa?

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