Too many sad tails as 2000th dog is rescued

LOOKING FOR LOVE: Beth is a Red Collar Rescue dog that has recently had her leg amputated due to mistreatment from a former owner. Photo: Mike Knott / NewsMail
LOOKING FOR LOVE: Beth is a Red Collar Rescue dog that has recently had her leg amputated due to mistreatment from a former owner. Photo: Mike Knott / NewsMail Mike Knott

"EVIL prospers when good people do nothing."

That is how Red Collar Rescue owner Sharyn Banks explains her work of trying to care for and rehome dogs after they have been severely neglected by their owners.

The volunteer organisation has reached a milestone of rescuing 2000 dogs since 2010, but it isn't something the team is proud of.

"99% of dogs come from the pound," she said.

"It's a ridiculous number. There should not be this many dogs that need rescuing and need our help. It is disappointing."

Ms Banks said there was a stringent process in place for each dog that she takes in.

"Every dog has a two-week quarantine when they come to us before we can have them ready for adoption," she said.

"We don't know their history or what medical conditions they have so we need to make sure they don't carry things like parvo virus."

"Watching a dog die of parvo is the most horrendous thing to see. I shouldn't have to witness it but I often do because so many people neglect their pets."

Ms Banks said she worked closely with the council pounds and said animal neglect was something that both parties are faced with every day.

"These guys are the ones who have to scrape dead dogs off the side of the road. They are the ones who are pulling bags of puppies from the river. What they go through is just unreal," she said.

"They cop a lot of abuse but at the end of the day, people just need a wake up call."

"If you can't pick up your dog on time, make other arrangements and communicate."

Ms Banks said too many people bought pets in the heat of the moment, which usually ended with neglect and the pounds overloaded.

"Desex your dog. If you're not going to take a dog on for the full 15 years, don't get one," she said.

"If you are not prepared to put your hand in your wallet and pay for the proper care, don't get one."

One dog who has come a long way already from a life of mistreatment is Beth, who now lives at home with her foster owner and Red Collar Rescue volunteer Juliet Oliver.

"Beth came to us with a massive gash from her ankle to her shoulder. Her leg has now been amputated," she said.

"She also had multiple cancers removed from her stomach and had a broken tooth that was growing out of her mouth.

"Beth is recovering and can now be treated as the amazing dog that she is."

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