Trial continues over bomb that exploded in boy's hands

BOMB SEARCH: Police safely detonate explosive materials found at the West Ipswich home of Glen Charles Dell and Mark Anthony Tear following a search of the property in July, 2013.
BOMB SEARCH: Police safely detonate explosive materials found at the West Ipswich home of Glen Charles Dell and Mark Anthony Tear following a search of the property in July, 2013. File

A TEENAGER who allegedly found a homemade bomb in the street which later exploded in his friend's hands, had apparently been experimenting with explosives himself.

The revelation was made during the trial of two Ipswich men accused of making a golf-ball bomb which caused horrific injuries to a 15-year-old Leichhardt boy.

The teen, who cannot be named, had been playing with the explosive device when it suddenly detonated in his hands in May 2013.

The blast left him with just a pinkie on his left hand, and three fingers and a thumb on his right.

The accused bomb-makers, Glen Charles Dell, 44, and Mark Antony Tear, 39, have pleaded not guilty to causing grievous bodily harm.

At Ipswich District Court yesterday, their trial continued with testimony from Ipswich mum, and friend of the victim, Casandra Lloyd.


Ms Lloyd told the court she had also been friends with a another teenage male who had claimed to have found the golf-ball bomb in the street.

However Ms Lloyd said she had once seen the teen and his mates making what she described as a "flash bomb" in her spare room.

Ms Lloyd said she saw the boy shaving off the phosphorous from match sticks and putting it into ping pong balls.

"My five-year-old son was holding the ball, so I freaked out and told them to get out of my house and not to come back," she said.

Ms Lloyd said she had noticed the same teenager had looked up bomb-making instructions on her laptop.

She said the teen had also made threats to kill the bomb victim for having "dogged" on him, prior to the explosion.

In a recorded interview with police played in court, the victim said his friend had told him he found the golf-ball bomb "outside a dealer's house" in Leichhardt.

He said the golf ball has been filled with a white powder which he and his mates first thought were drugs.

They later realised the powder was an explosive and intended to detonate it in a field.

The vicim said his mate sold him the bomb for a cigarette. He said the device suddenly exploded in his hands soon after, as he was throwing it up and down.

Crown prosecutor Noel Needham has alleged the powder inside the bomb was Triacetone Triperoxide - also known as TATP.

Mr Needham said police had uncovered a stockpile of the explosive chemical during a search at a West Ipswich property Dell and Tear were living at two months after the injury to the victim.

He said the men had access to, knowledge of and capability to use TATP and all the materials required to build the golf ball bomb. The trial, expected to last a week, will continue today.

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