Toddler one in four to have potentially deadly condition

RARE BATTLE: Tyler Batterham will move to Brisbane with his mum Chantel Davies so he can be closer to his specialists.
RARE BATTLE: Tyler Batterham will move to Brisbane with his mum Chantel Davies so he can be closer to his specialists. Paul Braven

TODDLER Tyler Batterham has a playful grin and a love for bike riding - but he's a rare young boy.

An organic acid condition means Tyler has met more medical specialists than he's had birthdays.

When he was 11 months old he was diagnosed with the potentially deadly malonic aciduria.

He is one of just four people in Australia and 20 in the world that have the condition, which prevents the body from breaking down fatty acids into energy.

Untreated the fat builds up in the blood stream, causing swelling on the brain.

Now aged 3, a recent downhill spiral has seen Tyler and his mum Chantel Davies decide to move to Brisbane to be closer to his specialists, leaving behind friends and family.

"He's been in and out of hospital with vomiting and a loss of appetite," Chantel said. Vomiting, one of the most concerning side effects, can leave excessive acid in Tyler's blood, causing seizures, organ complications and brain damage.

"Each time he vomits, I have to take him to the ER because of what it can cause," Chantel said.

Weighing just 12.9kg, a peg line was put in Tyler's stomach last week to promote weight gain.

"He doesn't ever gain weight and it's just getting worse as he gets older."

The rarity of the condition means there is little information, and constant contact is needed with Brisbane specialists.

"Unfortunately the facilities at the Gladstone Hospital just can't cater for his needs.

"We need to travel to Brisbane to see his metabolic specialists - they're the only ones in the state," she said.

They hope to move to Brisbane by May.

They will move to Brisbane with friend Jaden and her two children.

"He's a very tough and brave little boy," Chantel said.

A gofundme page has been set up for financial support for their move down south.

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