VIDEO: Girlfriend called 'selfish' for breastfeeding baby

OH Cory, what have you done?

The 37-year-old dad has decided that his 25-year-old girlfriend Elizabeth is breastfeeding their infant son "for attention", or so he has told America's favourite counsellor Dr Phil.

He has "old school values", he says.

"Cory" said he has strict rules for their household and wants her to stop breastfeeding their son - the family's third child -- once he turns 8 months old.

"Elizabeth is very needy," he tells Dr Phil in an upcoming episode.

"She uses her breastfeeding as a way of [getting] attention."

He goes on to say he thinks his girlfriend is being "pretty selfish" by taking the bub into their bedroom to nurse.

Cory was once so frustrated about her brestfeeding that he kicked a hole in the wall.

He hopes that if she gave up feeding the bub on the breast, that difficulties in their relationship - which he reckons are to do with her hormones - should clear up.

Elizabeth is expected to cook meals, take care of the children and wear the clothes he chooses.

Cory admitted to Dr Phil that he has been "abusive" in the past, confirming that he has "submitted" her, his code for forcibly calming down his wife.

Elizabeth admitted that she has pulled a knife on her boyfriend, adding she may have been "dramatic"

It is Dr Phil, after all.

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