We finally find out what this creature is

We finally get an answer to what this li'l critter is.
We finally get an answer to what this li'l critter is. Contributed

WHEN we put up a photo on Facebook of an unusual creature for our Caption This segment, it captured the curiousity of many readers.

What you thought

"I don't have a saying but a question - what the flipping hell is it??" Sandy Thomspon asked.

" That is truly scary. Is it real? Can you please answer," Catherine Roche asked.

Many posted their ideas on what they thought the creature could be and they were very imaginative.

"Fukushima plutonium sushi is all the rage right now." Daniel Clemmett suggested.

" I know that a lot of people get off their face at the beach on new years eve..... but seriously this is going a bit far," John James Maloney posted.

"A 'trout pout', celebrities would die for," Susannah French posted.

We ask the experts

We asked Dr Daniel Bucher, Senior Lecturer: Marine Biology and Fisheries at Southern Cross University, what the creature could be.

"It looks like an electric ray," he said.

"It has curled up at the edges and the jaws are distended - they are extruded in life like that when feeding on animals buried in the sediment, and in death the muscles relax and the jaws drop forwards.

"The curled up edges are probably the result of the upper surface drying out and contracting, pulling the skin tight over its back.

"There is probably no charge left in the electric generating mechanism at this stage, so the animal is smelly but otherwise harmless.

"In life it can give quite a jolt, similar to touching an electric fence."

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