SOAP BOX: Anthem is due for a rewrite

WHO says "girt" nowadays and how often have you used the word toil, other than when applying for working overtime?

So why is a song first composed in 1878 still being sung around schools at every assembly or parade each week - never mind all official events?

I'm talking about Australia's national anthem and yes, I think it is due for a rewrite.

Have you heard of the song "Carry me Back to Old Virginny" by James A Bland?

Neither have I, but it was also famous in 1878.

Every time I am at one of my children's school events and the national anthem comes out, I am probably the only person who attempts to sing it.

The children don't appear to even try.

And when you hit that horrible "Advance Australia Fair", only the brave, or the high-pitched, give it a go.

With Harmony Day on us, surely it is time we changed the anthem to embrace what Australia looks like today?

The perfect song, in my view, is one of my favourites.

It is the song "I am Australian", written by Bruce Woodley.

This song was written by an Australian, not a Scotsman (that's who composed Australia Fair) and even though it was first released nearly 40 years ago, I don't think its relevance has died.

I know children love this song, because they were belting it out at my daughter's parade for Harmony Day.

As an immigrant here, it makes me feel proud to sing something inclusive.

And while Australia will also be beautiful, I don't know people still think its Australia Fair.

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