Winter brings tougher times for Bribie homeless

COLD MONTHS: Bribie Neighbourhood Centre co-ordinator Cecelia Taylor says their food cupboard is looking bare due to a lack of funding.
COLD MONTHS: Bribie Neighbourhood Centre co-ordinator Cecelia Taylor says their food cupboard is looking bare due to a lack of funding. Paxton Roth

AS THE temperature drops and the days get shorter, many of us are packing away our swimwear and rolling out our jackets and blankets.

For some people, just finding a warm place to sleep and a hot meal is a daily struggle.

The Bribie Neighbourhood Centre volunteers work tirelessly to provide assistance where they can but a lack of funds can make their job difficult.

"We are really concerned with the rainy weather and how cold it has been lately, it is much harder for people who are homeless," co-ordinator Cecelia Taylor said.

"We have hot showers, they can make toast, sometimes we have proper meals, other times they can just see what we have in the cupboard.

"We are seeing more and more homeless people - you only need to miss a few pays and miss a few rent payments."

Ms Taylor said finding short term and emergency accommodation for the most vulnerable people in the community was difficult.

"We have no funding for it - there are some services in Caboolture to do that but usually they're so overwhelmed by Caboolture and the Moreton shire," she said.

"It's almost impossible to put a roof over someone's head in the short term, especially without any funding - there's no real answers on Bribie."

Ms Taylor says the colder months bring additional challenges.

"Once you're cold you're more likely to get sick, you're going to be extra hungry, you need warm food, how do you do that?

"It's just those very practical things, if you can imagine yourself in that situation, it's very, very hard."

Food and funding are limited but Ms Taylor said the volunteers provide as much support as they can to those in need.

"If people would like to maybe buy an extra can of food when they do their shopping and drop it in, we would be most grateful for that and make sure it gets a good home," she said.

"Non perishable foods like weetbix, vegemite, cans of food, cans of soup.

"Blankets and warm clothes too - stuff that you would give to someone that you value."

Busy Fingers manager Sonya Christensen said they have plenty of women's and children's clothes and shoes available at reasonable prices.

"We've got a lot of everything - at the moment we've got clothes stored up galore," she said.

"As soon as we get blankets and put them out, people snap them up straight away.

"The only clothing that we do get short on are men's clothing."

If you need support or you can provide some assistance, contact one of your local groups.

Bribie Neighbourhood Centre

9 Verdoni St  

Contact: 3408 8440  

Bribie Christian Community Care

197 First Ave  

Contact: 3410 0365  

St Vincent de Paul

First Ave, next to Little Flower Catholic Church  

Contact: 3408 3747  

Global Care

Toorbul Lane  

Contact: 0408 455 508  


4/54 Beerburrum Rd, Caboolture  

Contact: 5498 9932  

Caboolture Community Care

9 George St, Caboolture  

Contact: 5495 6503  

National Rent Affordability Scheme   

Contact: 137 468  


Contact: 131 114  


Men: 1800 600 636  

Women: 1800 811 811  


Contact: 1300 224 636  

Centre Against Domestic Abuse

Contact: 5498 9533  

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