Worker ‘predicted’ fatal worksite incident: inquest

Marie Poxon holds a photo of her late husband, Simon Poxon.
Marie Poxon holds a photo of her late husband, Simon Poxon. Kevin Farmer

A SHERRIN Rentals auto electrician that witnessed Simon Poxon get fatally pinned between two machines in a workplace incident three years ago had raised serious concerns about the driver's behaviour.

Geoffrey Campbell had been hired seven months before the critical incident on February 26, 2013.

He told the inquest into Mr Poxon's death that when hearing the commotion surrounding the incident and seeing Jameson Boon driving, he was not surprised.

He said he had told his wife and son that Jameson was "going to kill someone" at the worksite due to his apparent disregard of safety and the manner in which he drove equipment.

He told the inquest he didn't raise the issue with management due to being relatively new onsite and the fact he was the nephew of Sherrin Rentals manager Jared Boon, with whom he had been speaking when the incident happened.

"I was only there fairly new. You don't cause trouble with someone who has been there longer than you," Mr Campbell said.

"I'm sure he (Jameson) has a bad driving record, no doubt about that."

Mr Campbell said Sherrin Rentals implemented a number of safety measures after Mr Poxon was killed which went on to become "second nature" to workers.

"They implemented a number of things as far as moving the vehicles, beeping of the horn to let somebody know they were reversing or driving forward, spotters were pretty much mandatory, areas were designated as 'do not park here', chains had to be up around possible places where someone could get injured," he said,

"It was a lot more to do with safety than before."

Mr Campbell did not tell police the conversations he had had with his co-workers about Jameson's driving behaviour when he was called in for a formal interview on July 3, 2013.

Jared Boon told the inquest he had not been directly involved in hiring his nephew, nor did he tell him to leave the site and go home after the fatal incident.

He described his nephew in a statement to Queensland Workplace Health and Safety as someone lacking maturity with limited aptitude and skills and irresponsible.

He described his nephew as lacking maturity and with limited aptitude, and when asked if he helped him get hired, replied: "I definitely didn't go to management and say put him on."

Jameson Boon pleaded guilty to a Queensland Workplace Health and Safety prosecution and was placed on a $5000 bond.

The inquest under Coroner John Lock is examining the circumstances surrounding Mr Poxon's death, and seeks to identify the management of risks to workers being struck by vehicles at the workplace.

The inquest continues.

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