Vicki Wood -Bureau chief

Vicki has worked for APN for ten years photographing all the major incidents, wonderful events and significant milestones in the Caboolture and Bribie region. She even made Mal Brough cry just to get a Queensland Media award. Recently being promoted to Bureau Chief has given Vicki more challenges and opportunities to engage with the community. Outside of the office she can be seeing hanging out with her family, being the ‘taxi mum’, running on the footy field or working on her own project Going Cheap. Vicki travelled to Cambodia in 2011 for a photography holiday. On her return she has turned her work into a touring exhibition which is fundraising money for various not-for-profit Cambodian organisations.

Sheree Echlin - Journalist

SPEAKING to everyone and anyone who would listen from a young age, the writing was on the wall for Sheree Echlin to venture into the world of journalism. Writing short stories and poems for many years, it wasn’t until a relative suggested writing for a newspaper that Sheree pondered the possibility of becoming a journalist. After graduating from the Queensland University of Technology in 2005, it was some time before Sheree finally found her way into the industry joining the Caboolture News/Bribie Weekly/Island and Mainland News team in 2008. Regarded as the “mum” figure to her younger editorial colleagues Sheree can often be found interviewing the more senior residents of the community and is regularly asked to check stories for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. When not making phone calls or filling notepads with messy writing Sheree likes to spend time with friends, grab some sushi, find something else purple to add to her collection or catch up on re-runs of Sex and the City.

Natasha Christian - Journalist

AFTER being told by a certain cranky lecturer that she would never be a journalist, Natasha Christian defied the odds and proved a few wrong along the way. Before graduating from the University of Queensland in 2011, Natasha nabbed herself a cadetship with APN at Caboolture News. Reporting for Caboolture News, Bribie Weekly, Island and Mainland News and the occasional Sunshine Coast Daily, Natasha has become the online guru of the office, constantly annoying her co-workers with irrelevant cat videos on You-tube... while still managing to write a story or two for the job. When she takes her news hat off, Natasha can be found at a spin class, ‘researching’ computer games or trying to make her cat Opie talk. If she wasn’t a journalist, she would be working hard to become a bearded lady to prove even more critics wrong.

Jorge Branco - Journalist

Jorge (variously known as Josh, George, Ross and even Scott, depending on the ears of the person on the other side of the phone) Branco joined the Caboolture office earlier this year after doing his penance working for free on Sunday mornings. He spends his days shouting at the computer and thinking up sneaky schemes to take control of the office air conditioner. In his spare time he writes about everything from small businesses to community tragedies while also keeping a watchful eye on council meetings and checking out some of Bribie’s best houses. One of his tutors at the Queensland University of Technology once told Jorge he would “never get far in this industry without facial hair”. He quickly traded in his razor for a pair of moustache scissors and bought every album by The Beards. A promotion is yet to land on his desk but it’s surely only a matter of time.